Final Fantasy 10 and 10-2 Remaster Announced for March 18 with PS Vita Download Voucher and PS3 Collector Edition (PICTURE)

Final Fantasy 10 and 10-2 HD remakes for the PS3 and PS Vita will release on the same day, March 18, and the Vita will no longer offer the games separately.

The Vita version will no longer be two separate purchases but one purchase of FF10 with a download voucher for X-2 for $39.99. The PS3 version will be bundled together as two separate games.

"The game will be coming to PS Vita on March 18th alongside the PS3 version. It will support cross save functionality, and will retail for $39.99!" PlayStation Blog posted. "The combo pack will also be available as a download on PlayStation Store. If you prefer a physical copy, you can buy Final Fantasy X at retail, which will include a voucher to download Final Fantasy X-2 from the PlayStation Store."

Square Enix announced a special collector's edition of the game will be available through their website for $79.99 as well. Included with the FF10 and 10-2 will be a 40 page hardcover artbook character and concept designs, and a blu-ray disc with the FF10 soundtrack on it with images of the game in the background as well as a lithograph set with five pieces. See the order page for the game here.

See the collector's edition here.

Initially the game was to be released this winter, but was delayed to the date it's at now as Square Enix perfected the games.

"Two of the most acclaimed FINAL FANTASY adventures of all time are back. Return to the world of Spira, the sport of Blitzball and fall in love with a cast of fan favourite characters including Tidus and Yuna, looking better than you've ever seen them before. The creators' original vision is stunningly realised with today's technology to deliver the definitive versions of these classic RPGs," the release said of the return.

Other features of the game are listed by Square Enix as well. The game will feature an updated soundtrack of over 60 of the original tracks remastered and arranged in audio HD. It will also include full trophy support between the PS3 and PS Vita, as well as continuation and crossover saving from the console onto the handheld as long as both versions of the game are had.