'Final Fantasy 15' Details About Free Updates Could Be Shared During Upcoming 'Active Time Report'

Extra story scenes may be added to 'Final Fantasy 15' via free updates

2017 is expected to be yet another eventful year for "Final Fantasy 15" and developers may lay out their plans for the game sometime in the near future.

Over on Twitter, developers shared that they are set to reveal even more about the game soon via an upcoming "Active Time Report."

Specifically, developers noted that the new game details will be shared over the course of the "Active Time Report New Year Special," according to a translation provided by Gematsu.

Facebook courtesy of Final Fantasy XVNew features are expected to be added to 'Final Fantasy 15' over the course of this year

Unfortunately, some important details regarding the upcoming "Active Time Report" are not known just yet, such as the exact date of when it will take place, so fans will have to stay tuned to find out about that.

As Gematsu noted, the new "Active Time Report" will likely reveal more about the updates that are coming to "Final Fantasy 15."

Director Hajime Tabata previously hinted at what these upcoming updates could add to the game.

In an earlier post on the Square Enix blog, Tabata shared that they are looking to introduce some new story scenes that should reveal more about the game's characters, though these may not be added for a while.

New bosses, items and even customizable avatars may also be added to the game via free updates.

Release dates for these free, feature-filled updates remain unknown for now, though fans are likely hoping that will change once the next "Active Time Report" is released.

While players wait for the next "Active Time Report," they can still look ahead to a new event that will get underway soon.

In a recent tweet, developers shared that the "Moogle Chocobo Carnival" event will get started on Jan. 24, giving players something new to experience while they take a break from slaying monsters and traveling in the Regalia.

More news about the upcoming additions coming to "Final Fantasy 15" should be made available soon.