'Final Fantasy 7 Remake': Will Fans Be Able To See More Of The Revamped Battle System in 2017?

Still no release date currently known for the 'Final Fantasy 7 Remake'
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Fans will have to continue waiting as no release date is still known for the 'Final Fantasy 7 Remake'

2015 brought confirmation that the "Final Fantasy 7 Remake" is officially in the works, while 2016 was not quite as eventful and featured precious few revelations about the game. However, 2017 may end up being better to fans.

Speaking recently to Famitsu, director Tetsuya Nomura talked briefly about the ongoing development of the remake.

Gematsu provided a translation of the Famitsu interview.

According to Nomura, the development of the remake is progressing steadily, though he did share the unfortunate yet unsurprising news that fans will have to wait for a while longer before they can get their hands on this game.

While fans may be disappointed by the revelation that the remake is still not due to come out anytime soon, Nomura did hint that there may still be something for them to look forward to this year.

After acknowledging that there wasn't a lot revealed about the "Final Fantasy 7 Remake" last year, Nomura indicated that things may change in 2017. The director shared that he wants to show off the progress that the remake has made thus far at an event, which could be an indicator that more game footage may be shared.

The last time the developers showcased the game, the new battle system included in the video was the one that drew the attention of many fans.

The next time the remake is shown, the revamped battle system at the heart of the upcoming game may again be the point of emphasis.

During an earlier interview with Dengeki PlayStation – a translation of which was provided by KH13 – Nomura noted that he may have to detail the reworked battle system further as he senses that fans may still not have a clear idea of what it actually is.

Many important features of the "Final Fantasy 7 Remake" remain largely unknown for now, but that may change over the course of this year.