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'Final Fantasy 7' Remake's Multi-Part Approach Stirs Mixed Feelings Among Fans

'Final Fantasy 7' Remake's Multi-Part Approach Stirs Mixed Feelings Among Fans

A contestant dressed as the character "Kadaj" from the Japanese anime "Final Fantasy VII" poses during a Cosplay contest in Singapore August 5, 2006. | REUTERS / Tim Chong

Square Enix has announced that the "Final Fantasy 7" remake will be released in multiple episodes, and this piece of news has come as a major disappointment to fans.

The "Final Fantasy 7" remake has been anticipated by gamers for a long time, but when Square Enix announced the multi-part approach in its release, many were not happy with it. This approach will apparently interfere with the continuity of the game, according to the Lawyer Herald.

The multiple episode approach can be appropriate for games such as "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" or "The Walking Dead." However, it is not applicable to the "Final Fantasy 7" Remake because of its interactive nature, the report explains.

While most gamers were disappointed in the announcement of the multi-part approach, there are those who understand the reason behind the decision. Game developers say the game will be so big that one part will not be enough. Still, they said a bigger world awaits the gamers in the remake, Korea Portal reports.

Meanwhile, iDigital Times says the "Final Fantasy 7" Remake may not be released as an exclusive title for Sony because it could also be made available for the Xbox One and the PC. Square Enix, however, has yet to confirm this report.

Meanwhile, the characters in the game will reportedly be fully voiced. Game director Tetsuya Nomura and producer Yoshinori Kitase have revealed that some of the voice actors are from the movie "Advent Children."

In addition, the dating events in the previous game will also be fully voiced, but they will have to carefully tweak some of the events. While most of the characters, features, and original story will be preserved, "Final Fantasy 7" remake will boast of higher definition for its graphics.

As of now, there is still no confirmed release date for the "Final Fantasy 7" remake, but Square Enix is aiming to launch the game by 2017. More details on the game are expected to surface in the coming months.