Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade Game to Be Free in Google Play Store

Square-Enix will be releasing the new Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade game for U.S. Android users.

The new title will be available for free in the Google Play store, which is a great deal for Final Fantasy fans who don't feel like paying $16 for Final Fantasy III, which is also available there. However, those downloading Airborne Brigade should expect it to feature some in-app purchases such as add-ons or weapons within the game.

Airborne Brigade will play like a regular Final Fantasy RPG title, except this game will have a stronger focus on social interacting. The Airborne Brigade concept will also have players receiving airships in the game to travel, with which should bring an interesting twist to the gameplay.

The Final Fantasy franchise is composed of many different traditional RPG titles that have turn-based fighting. It allows players to build up their team of characters by engaging in fights that grant them experience points, and purchasing more powerful weapons from stores.

Airborne Brigade is sure to follow this blueprint, which was set with the original Final Fantasy on the NES console.

The Google Play store offers the remake of the original Final Fantasy for $7. It has an average rating of 3-and-a-half stars out of 5. Final Fantasy III, a remake of the original NES version that was never released in the U.S. until it came out on Nintendo DS in 2006, has an average rating of 4-and-a-half out of 5 in the Google Play store.

The latest Final Fantasy to be released was FFXIV, which is an online-only multiplayer RPG.

Airborne Brigade still does not have an official release date for U.S. users.