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'Final Fantasy' Creator Says Nintendo Switch Is 'A Very Good Piece of Hardware'

'Final Fantasy' Creator Says Nintendo Switch Is 'A Very Good Piece of Hardware'

Promotional picture for Nintendo Switch. | Facebook/Nintendo

The creator of popular video game franchise "Final Fantasy" recently expressed high praises for the hybrid portable console, the Nintendo Switch.

"Final Fantasy" creator Hironobu Sakaguchi recently told Forbes that he thought the Nintendo Switch console was "a very good piece of hardware."

In an interview with the publication, Sakaguchi talked about his works in the mobile gaming field. However, he also admitted that he wanted to go back developing games for the console systems.

"I do want to develop games on console again at some point. We're even working on Terra Battle 3 right now and maybe console will be the right fit for that. Just because we are developing heavily on mobile right now doesn't mean we have completely left console behind. After all, the Nintendo Switch is a very good piece of hardware," Sakaguchi said.

The "Terra Battle" series is a mobile video game developed and created by Sakaguchi's company, Mistwalker. It is a tile-based tactical role-playing game that combines card collecting mechanics and the puzzle game genre.

Sakaguchi and his team just launched "Terra Battle 2" on Android last September and they are obviously not taking any breaks from developing its successor.

In the same interview, the "Final Fantasy" creator also talked about maintaining the core elements of the "Terra Battle" series in its later releases. He explained that in "Terra Battle 2," players also had to "sandwich" their opponents and attack them on this puzzle board."

He likened this approach to how the first six main installments of "Final Fantasy" were made.

"There is a core gameplay mechanic, while each one has its own world, own characters, own story, and different ways you can enjoy it. In that regard, I am taking Terra Battle in a similar direction where you can play Terra Battle 2 without having played the first game," Sakaguchi added.

However, Sakaguchi said "Terra Battle 2" will still feel like a new release for mobile gamers since they focused on improving its gameplay and story, making it closer to having a "real console-like role-playing game feel."

"Terra Battle 2" was released last Sept. 21 for the Windows PC, Android and iOS.  


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