Final Fantasy IV Now Available for Android OS Users

A new version of "Final Fantasy IV" is now available for Android OS users.

The 3D port of the hit 1991 role playing game can now be found in the Google Play store and purchased for $15.99. The title was re-released by Square-Enix for the Android platform this week.

Developers stated that this version is a complete 3D remake that incorporates voice acting for important scenes. It also features selectable levels of difficulty along with a new mapping feature and an empty dungeons map. Those who purchase the game will also have full access to its soundtrack as a new feature known as jukebox will allow them to listen to any of the tracks at any time.

The port of "Final Fantasy IV" is compatible with Android builds 2.3.3 and up. Older devices shouldn't stop users from enjoying the remake of this classic role player.

This release also brings the company one step closer to porting the two most popular Final Fantasy titles to the smartphone, which are "Final Fantasy VI" and "Final Fantasy VII." Users can play these popular titles with the help of emulators and BIOS, however, official versions would bring a lot of revenue to both Google and Square-Enix.

"Final Fantasy VI," originally released as "Final Fantasy III" in the U.S., is widely regarded as the best game in the series, which spans from the original version to "Final Fantasy XIV" which launched in 2010. "Final Fanstasy VII" is also regarded as the greatest game in the series and was the first to feature a full 3D world. It was originally released for the PlayStation console in 1997.