Final Fantasy X HD 'Re-Master' for PS3 Causes Controversy

Will the 'Re-Master' Be More Than a Glorified Port of the PS2 Classic?

Video game developer Square Enix has announced its plans to create a re-mastered, high-definition version of Final Fantasy X for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita.

With the recent release of Final Fantasy XIII-2, this new re-mastered version of the 2001 classic seems to be next up in the company's plans.

In a controversial move, the publisher has chosen to go with the term re-master rather than remake. The difference between the two terms could basically mean that the visuals will be enhanced while the gameplay remains the same as the original.

Square Enix commented on the Final Fantasy X re-mastering, stating that it will come out with better visuals combined with "familiar gameplay."

Their choice to go with the term re-master has caused a bit of controversy within the gaming realm, however. It seems to throw some people off.

Gaming site recently discussed the re-mastering, telling consumers who are excited not to hold their breath if they are expecting something of the caliber of the Resident Evil remake for Gamecube.

"A regular HD re-mastering similar to the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection released last year, which is what this appears to be, would only see the game's visuals touched up to look more presentable on modern platforms," wrote the site.

This "re-master" seems to be nothing more than a glorified port of the popular title. Final Fantasy X was the first title in the series to be released on the PlayStation 2 console.

It changed the series in many ways by including voice acting and eliminating the trademark interactive world map that was present in most Final Fantasy titles before it. It also marked a significant graphic update in the series.

It was also the first Final Fantasy to have a direct sequel with Final Fantasy X-2 that was released in 2003.