'Final Fantasy XV' News: Upcoming 'Comrades' Update Will Introduce More Character Customization Options and Several Other Features

Players will be able to create avatars that closely resemble some of the game's main characters
Facebook courtesy of Final Fantasy XVCreated avatars square off against enemies inside 'Final Fantasy XV's' 'Comrades' expansion

"Comrades," the multiplayer component of "Final Fantasy XV," is expected to receive an update of its own in the near future.

A new trailer showcased the different features coming to the expansion via an upcoming content update.

First off, it appears that players will be given a bunch of new customization options to play around with. What is different about these additional customization options is that they will enable player-created avatars to closely resemble some of the game's main characters.

Players can choose to have their avatars look like an older Noctis, Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto. An option for Ravus has also been added.

Fans can also create avatars that look identical to Aranea and Iris.

The new customization options do not end there.

Developers are also adding a bunch of new clothing options for the created avatars. There is one that allows an avatar to don samurai garb and other clothing options that can make them look like characters in "Final Fantasy XV."

The trailer even featured one unique combination, with an avatar who looked similar to Aranea dressing up like Iris.

The upcoming "Comrades" update will do more than just enable players to look very similar to the game's main characters, however.

Early on in the trailer, a created avatar was shown using all kinds of new magic spells. Later on, new bosses were put on display.

The trailer also showed one other odd addition that featured some Chocobos going up against a dragon in battle.

Currently, "Comrades" is only available as an expansion for the console versions of the role-playing game. PC players will be able to check it out as soon as the "Windows Edition" of the game is released.

The latest content update for "Comrades" will be released on March 6.

More news about the additions coming to "Final Fantasy XV" should be made available soon.