Financial Freedom—God’s Way


Are you enjoying “Financial Freedom—God’s Way” or do you struggle with your finances?

Is your relationship with God stressed because whenever you sit down to read the Bible or pray, all you can think about are money problems? Do you and those close to you argue over money? Are your credit cards maxed out? Do you pay one credit card with another? Are creditors calling about late mortgage, car or credit card payments? Are you considering consolidation loans, second jobs, second mortgages, or even bankruptcy?

Perhaps you have other financial problem areas? Your personal and/or business decisions have not always been God honoring? You live from paycheck to paycheck? You are not saving/investing for emergencies, college, or retirement? Not enough of the right kinds of insurance? Don’t tithe? Can’t give the way you would like? Don’t have a will?

“Financial freedom—God’s Way” is possible—for you! Now!

Managing your finances really should not be a struggle. The financial areas of your life should be freeing, not restricting. You will find life a lot more enjoyable and rewarding if your financial decisions are pleasing to God. You can have closer family relationships, a debt-free lifestyle (including your home), save for the future, and a plan to pass on part of your wealth to family members and worthy ministries and organizations.

Get on the path to Financial Freedom--God’s Way! Now! How?

• First, you will begin to recognize, understand, and apply Biblical financial principles as you read each “Financial Freedom—God’s Way” installment. As a result, you will better understand the forces behind your financial distress. You will learn to set realistic goals and how to get on and stay on a budget. We will work together to help make things right for you and your family—spiritually, financially and emotionally—for good!
• Second, if you have any question on any topic, you can get immediate help from our financial and spiritual counselors. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail.
• Finally, you will discover some outstanding resources available to you and your church. For example, money management training resources like Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and spiritual resources like Crown Financial Ministries’ financial small group study.

What topics will you cover during our times together?

• You will first set a spiritual and economic foundation. It’s important you start with a basic understanding of where you are and how you got here.
• Then you will cover the two most important biblical financial principles. If you understand and apply these two basic principles, you will always make better financial decisions.
• You will learn about religious folklore. These are financial “principles” that sound spiritual but do not come from God’s Word. These are worldly principles that lead you into financial bondage, not “Financial Freedom–God’s Way.”
• You will see specific ways God wants you to use and not use money.
• You will look at financial bondage (what it is, what it looks like, and what to do about it).
• Then you will consider financial freedom (what it is, what it looks like, and how to plan for it).
• You will read about finances for singles and how to train children.
• And yes, you will spend some time on giving issues.

During our times together, please remember that our counselors have been helping God’s people who are absolutely, positively ready to get out of debt and work to build and pass on wealth since 1987. We have helped hundreds of individuals, families, churches and small businesses through counseling, consulting, coaching, small group studies, workshops and seminars. God can and will use our time together to help you! We will see you next time as we begin to consider “Financial Freedom–God’s Way.”


Bob Louder is the Founder and President of Christian Financial Ministries ( Bob is also the author of the new best selling book, “Debt Free Living God’s Way,” available only on the Internet ( Since 1987 Bob has helped people in hundreds of churches all across the country and in the European military community learn, understand, apply and pass on “Debt Free Living God’s Way” principles and practical applications. He has represented some of the top Christian financial authors and ministries to include Larry Burkett, Dave Ramsey, Christian Financial Concepts, and Crown Ministries.

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