'Finding Carter' Season 2 Premiere Release Date, Plot Spoilers: Carter finds a new relationship


With the second half of "Finding Carter" Season 2 expected to air this week, it was reported that a new character will be introduced to the series.

Ben Winchell is the actor who will be joining the cast for the episodes to come,and he recently spoke to MTV about his character, whose name is Ben Winchell. He shared that fans should not be too trusting with the character.

It was revealed that Ben Wallace will be introduced as Carter Stevens' secret brother. The character reportedly will be presented as having gone through a rough past. With that, his character will behave in a distinctive way in the season to come.

Winchell told MTV, "Ben has had a little bit of a troubled past. He's been in and out of foster homes his whole life and we start to see maybe some people from his past coming back into his life which gets a little tricky."

The upcoming season will also give fans more insight on Carter and her family. With that, Ben will be adding more problems to the family with not-so-good intentions.

Winchell added, "Ben makes money very creatively and his shady deals may or may not backfire on him this season. You never really know what his true intentions are, so he's always going to keep you guessing."

It was reported that Carter will also be involved with an older man in the second half of the season. According to Entertainment Weekly, a new character will be in a relationship with Carter.

Played by Jackson Rathbone, Jared will join the roster as a charming man. However, the relationship will be a risky one for both of them, despite their strong attraction.

"Finding Carter" will return with Season 2 this Oct. 6.