Finnair Crew Break Into Bollywood Dance in Viral Video (VIDEO)

Finnair passengers preparing for a flight from Helsinki, Finland to New Delhi, India were left stunned when crew members broke out in a live Bollywood dance performance.

Passengers could be seen laughing and enjoying the surprise as Finnair staff put on their practiced routine to celebrate India's 63rd Republic Day.

A video of the performance has delighted many more, however, as the choreographed routine became an instant YouTube hit; with more than 500,000 views in just 24 hours.

Helena Kaartinen, a Finnair flight attendant who proposed the Bollywood idea, coordinated rehearsals for the show. Kaartinen even brought in a former flight attendant friend who lives in Mumbai to help with the dance routines.

Kaartinen has said she wanted to show Indian passengers that Finnair respected and were interested in their culture. She told the New York Times, "It was a good way to show respect."

The video was uploaded on Jan. 26 and at time of press has received more than 2 million views.

View the viral video below: