First Lady Michelle Obama: 'Last Minute' Election Dress Worn Twice Before (PHOTO)

First Lady Michelle Obama also came out a winner in the fashion stakes during President Obama's reelection victory on Tuesday night, as her attire proved to be a hit among fans.

Dressed in a flattering pintucked magenta silk chine Michael Kors dress, the First Lady wowed the crowd as she approached the stage with daughters Sasha and Malia to congratulate her husband on his reelection victory. It was later reveled that the dress was a modest pick, as Mrs. Obama has worn the same outfit twice before.

"She said that she was so busy with the campaign and their kids that she had no time to think about an outfit and decided at the last minute," an Obama team source told

Mrs. Obama, who has constantly received widespread acclaim for her unique fashion choices since President Obama first began campaigning for the 2008 election, accompanied the dress with a House of Lavande vintage brooch and black shrug. She first wore the dress to a White House holiday party in 2009 and again in November of 2010 at a military event, according to the Huffington Post.

The First Lady's decision to wear a previously worn outfit was criticized by some, although many argued that it gave her a sense of humility and relatability to everyday American women. Meanwhile, fans flocked to social networking site Twitter to weigh in on Mrs. Obama's fashion choice.

"I love how Michelle Obama wore a dress from her closet on election night, don't have to buy something new to make a statement#IcanRelate," LaToya Patterson tweeted.

"Michelle Obama is so classy! She definitely made a statement by wearing the same dress three times. #Priorities," Paul tweeted

Kors wasted no time boasting about the First Lady's fashion choice, delighting in taking credit for her the widely applauded look.

"Kors is pleased to announce that the First Lady, Michelle Obama, wore a Michael Kors magenta silk chine pintucked dress," the designer said in a press release to