First Presbyterian Church in Colorado Finalizes $35M Construction Plans

The blueprint for the First Presbyterian Church of Colorado Springs, Colo., by Trahan Architects has been selected.

Trahan Architects were selected among several leading design companies to create “one of the most significant ecclesiastical commissions in the nation,” International Business Times has reported.

The impressive church will have seating for 1,750 and will be located in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs. Featuring a sanctuary, bookstore, café, childcare area, and a library, the church’s construction cost is estimated to be around $35 million.

The plans also include a central grand cathedral of 118,000 square feet.

Currently, the First Presbyterian Church holds services on Bijou Street in downtown Colorado Springs, as well as at their northern campus on North Gate Boulevard.

The official website for the First Presbyterian Church describes their worship services as a “flourishing, active love for what God loves: restoring lives, restoring relationships, and restoring creation.”

In a welcome letter on the church's website, Pastor Jim Singleton wrote of the importance to serve God and worship: “Becoming alive to God’s desire doesn’t just happen. We create space for it intentionally.”

“When we love together in worship, giving our full attention to God in community, we see His identity and glory as the starting point for our identity as His people,” wrote Singleton.

First Presbyterian Church of Colorado Springs had an easy decision when selecting Trahan Architects to design the new structure. Trahan has won several awards, and is led by Victor F. Trahan, who has received international accolade for his work.

Incorporating personal and historical elements as well as aesthetically superior qualities to their work, Trahan is among top-rated architectural firms.

Trahan has been behind projects that include the 2009 expansion of the M.M. Roberts Stadium at the University of Southern Mississippi and the downtown library in Baton Rouge, La., last year.

The construction completion date for the First Presbyterian Church of Colorado Springs has yet to be determined, but Trahan Architects reports that the grand structure will have a “truly divine aura.”