Fish Grabs Man's Arm as He Baits It From Jetty (VIDEO)

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(Photo: YouTube/NewsInWorld Screen Shot)A fish can be seen jumping out of the water, grabbing a man's arm as he hangs over the side of a jetty.

A fish has grabbed a man's arm as he baited it by holding some food above the water tempting it to the surface. However, the man was stunned when the huge fish rose out of the water, putting up to half the man's forearm in its mouth.

A video of the incident has gone viral and shows a woman screaming as the large fish latches onto the man's arm, as he laid down on his stomach over the side of a small wooden jetty. The fish refuses to let go as the man struggles not to fall in the water - all the time a woman filming the incident can be heard screaming as a number of shocked onlookers also try to help the man.

The incident reportedly took place in Florida, according to The Sun newspaper, and the large fish is thought to be a Tarpon.

The man, although immediately shocked as the fish grabbed hold of his arm, quickly seems to gain his composure and seemingly attempts to hold on to the fish to try and catch it.

Another man and woman come to his aid, and together they manage to pull the big fish up onto the jetty where it shows its sheer strength by flapping its tail causing the man to lose his balance as they both fall onto the wooden jetty.

However, the man's arm eventually is freed as the fish lets go and a few more flaps see the fish wriggle back off the side of the jetty and away back into the water.

The man, clearly not happy to have suffered what likely is a sore forearm and still not manage to catch the fish for all his efforts can be seen quickly walking off the jetty as the fish makes its getaway.

Tarpons are known to jump out of the water in the way seen in the video, and others are advised not to try and tease or catch fish in this manner.

A video of the extraordinary incident can be seen below: