Fisherman Chokes on Fish in Brazil After Bet

A fisherman in Brazil is dead after he choked on a fish that he had just caught while he was trying to impress the other people he was with.

Reports indicate that the fisherman was just off the shores of a beach in Icapui, Brazil when he hooked a small sole fish while casting his lines.

After he got hold of the small fish, he apparently wanted to show off to his friends and bet them that he could hold the fish between his teeth for a minute. Then, things tragically took a dive for the worse.

As the fisherman placed the fish between his teeth, it wiggled itself free and dove down his throat, blocking oxygen from entering his lungs.

It was reported that the suffocating angler raced from the shores of the beach to his car nearby and promptly made his way to the hospital. With the hospital a short distance away, he was able to rush into the emergency room, where he collapsed as doctors raced to treat him.

Unfortunately, doctors present were not able to remove the fish from the man's throat fast enough, and he died on the floor of the hospital, according to reports from The Telegraph.

Police chief Carlos Alberto explained that doctors eventually removed the fish from the man's throat, though it was too late to save his life.

"It was a silly thing to do but he didn't deserve to die because of it," Alberto added.

Shortly after his death, the Brazilian angler's wife posted a message about the incident on a social networking site and she explained that she was still in shock.

"Only one thing comforts my heart, that I was the best wife and friend that I could have been. The best woman that I could be, there, in every hour and in every moment," she reportedly wrote.