Fleetwood Mac Tour 2013: New Songs in the Works?

Fleetwood Mac has announced that they will begin a new tour in 2013.

Fleetwood Mac will return to the stage after an almost 3-year hiatus, according to a recent interview with Stevie Nicks.

Stevie Nicks, the band's lead singer, may be turning 64 next year, but that isn't going to stop her. According to the singer famous for her long blonde hair and eccentric dress, she's in for life. Her attitude is good news for fans, who questioned whether or not 2013 would be the group's last tour.

"It's never going to be a final tour until we drop dead," Nicks said during a recent interview with Reuters. "There's no reason for this to end as long as everyone is in good shape and takes care of themselves."

Nicks called the upcoming 34-city tour a "big deal" according to the report, stating that she purposely spreads out tours in order to build up fan anticipation.

"I don't want a Fleetwood Mac tour every year or year and a half. That's why people get so excited. ... All of a sudden the world is on edge and that's what gets you out there," she told Reuters.

The tour will begin on April 4 in Columbus, Ohio. It will finish of June 12th in Detroit. But the band has yet to create a new studio album since, although the bands guitarist said that it shouldn't be a problem.

"We'd be OK for one more round," Mick Fleetwood told USA Today. "People do want to hear that body of work and be transported to a certain time. The older you get and the longer the band has been around, you come to terms with the fact that no one's particularly interested in hearing anything too new. It's about what you do with what you've got."

But that doesn't mean that new songs aren't in play. Different band members suggested that they had been working on pieces.

 "It's the most Fleetwood Mac-sounding stuff I've heard in a long time," Buckingham told USA Today, adding that they were considering releasing an EP.

"Personally, I think we feel better than before," Nicks told Reuters.