Flo Rida Sued Over Low Wages

A woman who used to work for a rapper from Florida has sued her former employer claiming that the music man made her work long hours and for compensation paid her far below the federal minimum wage.

Mahogany Miller, who was the former personal assistant to rapper Flo Rida, filed a lawsuit which states that the rapper hired her to answer phones, organize emails and also perform various tasks and duties.

Miller claims that she was required to work 65 hours a week for wages that worked out to just $3.08 per hour.

What is more insulting is that when Miller went to her boss to discuss the extremely low wages as well as the long hours that she worked every day Flo Rida terminated her employment less than 24 hours after she had brought the matter to his attention.

Miller had stated that she only began her employment with the award winning music artist last August, but was dismissed soon after she inquired about her low wages and long hours.

Since the suit was filed representatives for the rapper have not issued a statement and have not returned requests for comment.

The story was first reported by the entertainment website TMZ and verification of the claims had not been made yet. There is no public documentation as to the nature of the relationship between the two leading some to speculate that this is just a case of a disgruntled employee who was terminated for valid reasons.

Flo Rida is from Coral City and shot to fame after he released his debut album, "Mail on Sunday," in March 2008. His debut single "Low," featuring T-Pain, was tops on the charts for 10 weeks in U.S. in early 2008.

This was not the first time that Flo Rida had made headlines for questionable behavior. Last June, Flo Rida was arrested in Miami for DUI and driving with a suspended license.