Flo Rida's Manager Ejected From Heat-Pacers Game: 'Get Out of Here,' Said Rapper (VIDEO)

Flo Rida's manager was ejected from the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers' Game 7 Monday night for distracting players and officials with raucous trash talk. The rowdy man initially resisted being thrown out of the game, but eventually listened to his client Flo Rida, who told him it was wisest to leave.

Flo Rida's manager was ejected following an altercation between reserve players Jeff Pendergraph of the Pacers and Norris Cole of the Heat. At the final minutes of the game, both coaches brought in their bench players as Miami was ahead significantly. Unfortunately, the men got into a dust-up over a play.

Pendergraph was attempting to set a screen to a fellow teammate when Rashard Lewis pushed the center, making him bump into Heat guard Norris Cole. Pendergraph responded by pushing Cole further, but the referee had seen enough and ejected both players from the game. Flo Rida's manager began taunting the Pacers' bench, and the referee asked him to leave as well.

"It was actually Flo Rida's manager that was ejected," TNT sideline reporter Craig Sager said. "He an Pendergraph had been going back and forth. He got to be such a distraction that the officials came over and tried to eject him."

However, the man didn't want to leave, argued with officials, and got more and more agitated. Eventually he had to be restrained, with police and security drawing the attention of many fans in the arena.

"He wanted to stay put," Sager explained. "However, Flo Rida said, 'You're my manager, but you've got to get out of here now.'"

Soon after, he left, and Flo Rida was seen enjoying the final moments of the game as the Heat beat the Pacers 99-76, with LeBron James scoring a prolific 32 points.

Other celebrities seen enjoying the game were Justin Bieber and David Beckham.