Florida Airport Shooting: Dramatic Shootout at Jacksonville International Airport (VIDEO)

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(Photo: YouTube/JaxSheriff Screen Shot)Chief Tom Hackney of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Department office, seen here explaining the events at JAX airport, where a shooting and car chase took place on Wednesday May 15, 2013.

A Florida airport shooting took place on Wednesday, leading to the arrest of two men, with a third man going on the run, according to reports.

The incident took place at the Jacksonville International Airport and involved a dramatic car chase and shootout, with shots fired near a local elementary school, and an attempted carjacking by the assailants.

Jacksonville, FL Sheriff's Chief Tom Hackney has explained that SWAT officers had attempted to apprehend a stolen Ford Crown Victoria. However, the three young men evaded capture and sped off in the vehicle, sparking a frantic chase that took them through busy parts of the airport, including the airport's car rental return area.

Authorities set up a road block with two of their own vehicles, but the fugitives rammed their way through to escape again. Desperate to bring the chase to an end, officers fired on the car, hitting it three times, according to reports, however, the suspects got away.

Soon after, reports of shots near a local elementary school were received by police, and that school was put on lockdown.

The car was eventually tracked to a Jacksonville apartment complex, and authorities moved in and managed to apprehend two of the fugitives; a 17-year old and a 27-year-old suspect. Authorities have reported that the younger man had been shot in the ankle.

The other suspect, identified by Jacksonville Sheriff's Department as 20-year-old Rodney Lorenzo Addison, was not caught at that location and he remains on the run.

Authorities have ruled out any terrorism charges, but have confirmed that the suspects are wanted on possible auto theft and cocaine charges.

The outstanding suspect is considered armed and dangerous, and if anyone has any details they are asked not to approach the fugitive, but inform law enforcement.

Here is a video by the Jacksonville Sheriff's Department office, of Chief Tom Hackney explaining the events at JAX airport: