U.S. Youth Kills Parents, Throws Murder Party

A 17-year-old Florida boy, was arrested Sunday for allegedly murdering his parents by beating them with a hammer. The unrepentant teen then threw a wild party, according to Port St. Lucie police.

Tyler Hadley, now in police custody, was charged with two counts of second degree murder with a weapon on Monday according to the St. Lucie County Sherriff’s website.

According to police Hadley allegedly used a hammer and treated his parents Blake and Mary Jo Hadley like nails, bludgeoning them to death. He then stashed their bodies in a bedroom in their Port St. Lucie home and proceeded to throw a party that lasted until early Sunday morning.

Hadley sent out a massive Facebook invitation earlier that day according to police, summoning almost 60 guests who attended the post-murder bash.

Police received an anonymous tip leading them to the Hadley residence where they discovered the bodies while performing a “welfare check.”

According to Police Captain Don Kryak, Tyler Hadley appeared nervous when police arrived at his home where they later found the bodies of his parents, and the murder weapon stashed with them.

“The crime scene was certainly a merciless killing,” said Kryak.

Police spoke to some of the guests at the party but no one confessed to actually seeing the bodies of Hadley’s parents.

“During the party and after the party, there was a rumor that perhaps Tyler had killed his parents,” said Tom Nichols spokesman for the Port St. Lucie police.

An anonymous teen outside the Hadley home told WSVN-TV that Tyler killed his parents because they wouldn’t let him throw the party.

According to police spokesman Nichols, Hadley’s true motive for murdering his parents has not yet been found, but at present they do not plan on charging anyone else.