Floyd Mayweather $300,000 Johnny Manziel Bet Shrinks to $30,000: 'Too Dangerous,' Says Boxer

Floyd Mayweather's bet on Johnny Manziel and the Texas A&M Aggies shrank considerably when the millionaire boxer considered the odds Saturday. Mayweather originally said he would bet $300,000 on the game, but ended up putting only $30,000 on the second half of Manziel's victory over the University of Arkansas Razorbacks.

Floyd Mayweather planned on betting on "Johnny Football" and his arm as the quarterback for the Aggies, telling Howard Stern that the player "never has an off day." Although he told Stern he would be betting $300,000 on the game, after the odds changed from -3 to -14, Mayweather decided to bet far less.

"When the betting line changed from -3 to -14, I couldn't bet $300k. Too dangerous," he tweeted.

Still, Mayweather and his Money Team ended up winning $31,500 on the bet.

"I bet $30k on the 2nd half. Good work @JManziel2," Mayweather tweeted.

He also bet a good amount on another NCAA football game Saturday. A $100,000 bet on the Miami Hurricanes game earned the champion boxer over $80,000 when they led at 35-7 at the half.

"I couldn't wait on Johnny Football. The early bird gets the $86,956 worm," he posted on Twitter along with a picture of the ticket. He didn't show when he lost $40,000 on the second half of the game, but came out ahead for the day.

After the game, Mayweather went to watch exotic dancers and spend some of the money he won.

Despite some of the stories that have followed the championship boxer- rumors say he burns his money, has several private jets, and carries around duffel bags of cash- Mayweather admitted on Stern's Sirius XM radio that it's mostly exaggeration. He debunked the stories, saying the money was fake and that the $10,000 he carries at all times is to protect against credit card fraud.