Floyd Mayweather Sentenced to Jail, Pacquiao Fight to be Pushed Back?

Floyd Mayweather Jr., championship winning boxer, will serve close to three months in jail starting Jan. 6 after pleading guilty to a domestic violence charge against the mother of his three children.

Mayweather’s plea deal was reportedly made in an effort to avoid a felony charge for assaulting his girlfriend and threatening two of their children during a 2010 argument. Melissa Saragosa, the judge presiding over the case, also ordered the boxer to undergo 100 hours of community service and pay a $2,500 fine.

The undefeated boxer’s friend and rapper, 50 cent, spoke about the issue with the boxer; he said the problem with the mother of his children stems from her being jealous of a new woman that came into his life last year.

“The people don’t understand the issue that he’s having with his son’s mom is stemming from the new girl,” 50 Cent told DJ Whoo Kidd last year on a Satellite Radio program.

The boxer was initially arrested on theft charges against the mother of three of his children, after taking her iPhone. 50 cent painted the picture for fans of the boxer verbally.

“For you to have three children by a woman, be taking care of them completely, and for her to send you to jail over a damn iPhone… I'm like, see, as soon as they said domestic violence, they would think that Floyd actually attacked her because boxing is probably the most violent sport outside maybe MMA, you know what I'm saying,” 50 cent said on the radio program. “But he didn’t hit that girl.”

Aside from his freedom, the recent sentencing may also impact Mayweather’s work in the ring. Recently, the fighter has been vocal about facing championship winning boxing rival, Manny Pacquiao in May.

The anticipated fight has been rescheduled and spoken about for years, with Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum speaking in a Los Angeles Times report about fans having to possibly wait longer to see the bout.