Flummoxed by Your Teens' Values?

 Something has gone terribly wrong and what transpired during our Christian youth event last weekend was just one more example. Held in the local area convention center, we were interrupted by the Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender Rally College Conference holding their meeting in the hall next to ours.

To the best of my knowledge, we did not experience any out-of-order behavior from the college students who came from all over the Midwest to celebrate their personal identity. In fact, we coexisted together quite peacefully with their rainbow display of balloons on one side and our twinkling display of Christian-witness wear on the other. Our eruption occurred later as the parent group I was leading reconvened for our afternoon session.

"I just couldn't believe what my kids said over lunch! Our teens thought there was no big issue! In fact, they kept trying to convince me that everything was OK!" one leader passionately reported, while others nodded in sober agreement. The revelation that a great number of our Christian kids had no problem with the LGBTQ focus of the college group across the way shook most of the parents to the core. The bigger shock for the parents was that many of the Christian kids thought the display from the "open" viewpoint of the other group was "cool."

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