Flyer for Ohio Church for Gay African-Americans Causes Mixed Reactions

The possibility of a new church targeted toward African-Americans who are homosexual and identify as Christian being launched in Cincinnati, Ohio has caused mixed reactions from members of the public debating about homosexuality and the Church.

A recent Obnoxious TV blog post featured a flyer reportedly created to promote the new Ohio Church called The Good Life Church of Cincinnati. According to the blog's report, the church will be led by Pastor Michael W. Heard and First Gentleman Leigh.

The flyer featured on the blog reads, "You cannot pour new wine into old wine skins. Pastor Mike W. Heard and First Gentleman Leigh finally come to Cincinnati to build a church! Are you ready for newness and goodness?"

While searches for the Cincinnati church did not prove successful, another Ohio church called The GoodLife Church of Columbus opened its doors in 2011 and named itself the "whosever" church on its website. That congregation is also led by Heard.

"We are called to love, affirm, and welcome all people regardless of race, gender, affectional orientation, class, or life situation," reads a statement on the church's website.

Multiple people took to Twitter to react to the news of a gay-affirming church being led by a homosexual couple after reading the Obnoxious blog report. Some people seemed accepting of the idea.

"This is awesome," one person tweeted.

However, many others thought the reports were nothing more than a joke.

"Is Frank Ocean the choir director," one person questioned, referring to an openly bisexual singer-songwriter.

Other people did not seem surprised about the possibility of such a congregation being created.

"ATL already has one," one person tweeted.

An example of the church in Atlanta is the Vision Church of Atlanta. The congregation is led by Bishop O.C. Allen and his partner First Gentleman Rashad.

In the church's mission statement, it is outlined that "we are inclusive of all people, fully embracing in our lives and ministry people of every race, gender, culture, affectional orientation, family configuration, physical or mental condition, and all other distinctions which are the rich tapestry of God's creation."

Still, others have rejected the idea of gay-affirming churches being compatible with Scripture, as mainstream Christians believe the Bible describes homosexual activity as sinful.

One commenter on Twitter supposed such congregations were a sign that Jesus Christ was coming back soon.

"He's coming back soon," the person tweeted, which garnered a response of "very soon."