Focus on the Family Promotes Our 'God-Given Worth'

Focus on the Family launches its "Be a Voice for Life Campaign" this month as part of a yearlong effort to promote the dignity of human life at all stages. The emphasis during the first quarter of the campaign is preborn babies.

The Colorado Springs, Colo.-based pro-family group is kicking off its campaign with an emphasis on preborn babies, in observance of Sanctity of Life month. The overall goal is to educate people about the “inherent value and God-given worth of all human beings from the beginning of life in the womb to natural death – and at every point in between,” the ministry announced Wednesday.

“We live in a time where human life seems to be devalued at every turn, whether by abortion, violence, cultural and ethnic clashes, human trafficking, slavery or pornography,” said Kelly Rosati, vice president of Community Outreach, in a statement. “We need to communicate – and demonstrate through action – that human beings are created in the sacred image of God. As such, every person deserves justice, dignity, and especially the right to life.”

Focus on the Family is dividing its campaign into three-month periods, with the first quarter focusing on preborn babies; the second quarter devoted to those with special needs; the third quarter will honor the elderly; and the fourth quarter will address orphans and the need for churches and communities to show support for adoptive families and provide practical help.

The group said it will promote the effort with marketing, social and interactive media campaigns to raise awareness across the nation. Constituents will also be equipped to “Be a Voice for Life” by reaching out in their own communities.

January is Sanctity of Human Life Month, and organizers say they will put out a call to stand in the gap for some of the most vulnerable in society – those in the womb. The campaign tagline for this month states, “She already knows her mother’s voice, but she doesn’t have one of her own. Be her voice.”

Focus said it will announce new statistics later this month for the number of babies saved through its Option Ultrasound outreach. “Ultrasound technology transcends political debates and ideologies and provides a clear window into the reality of life within the womb,” Rosati said.

Since the Option Ultrasound program began in 2004, Focus on the Family has provided 530 grants for ultrasound or sonography training to qualified pregnancy medical clinics, including 21 placements in 2011.

It also supplied more than $369,000 worth of donated resources to more than 1,100 clinics. An estimated more than 100,000 babies have been saved from abortion since the program began, the ministry reports.

“As we celebrate Sanctity of Human Life month, we hope to help people understand that this time not only applies to the preborn child, but children already born, and through all stages of life,” Rosati said.

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