Food Fight Whataburger (Video): Rival High School Football Players Use Burgers, Trays in Mass Food Fight in Texas

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(Photo: YouTube/Fox News Screen Shot)A food fight has taken place at Whataburger after tensions overspilled between rival high school football teams in Texas.

A food fight at Whataburger has shocked locals and stunned people around the nation after a video of the incident went viral on the Internet recently.

Students from rival high schools, Brandeis and O'Connor, started arguing after a football game, according to reports, and things quickly spiraled out of control and ended in a mass food fight.

The two high schools in San Antonio, Texas are reportedly huge rivals, and tensions this time spilled over after Brandeis won the game 12-10.

To help the players celebrate the game, Whataburger welcomed students with balloons and banners and threw a full on burger buffet for them. However, things turned messy once the food fight kicked off, causing extensive mess and damage to the fast food joint.

It has been reported that students from both high schools showed up at the Loop 1604 location, and pretty quickly a verbal back and forth began. However, as tensions raised things quickly got out of control and in no time a mass food fight took off with Whataburger employees helpless to stop the huge food brawl.

Burgers, fries and other food were thrown, and in some cases trays were used as weapons as the players attacked one another.

Once things calmed down and the fighting stopped all the players reportedly just got up and left, further stunning the fast food employees, who had to close down the establishment to commence a mass clean up operation.

School board spokesman Pascual Gonzalez has confirmed that school officials know about the incident and are reviewing surveillance video from the restaurant to identify the students responsible. School authorities have said they have been in contact with and are cooperating with Whataburger management as well as law enforcement officials investigating the disturbance.

Students found responsible will face punishment, which could include school suspensions as well as possible criminal charges if appropriate.

Whataburger issued a statement: "We understand that this act was an emotional moment between a small group of students… The Whataburger team will continue to welcome Brandeis and O'Connor students… we're also committed to continuing the partnership and support both high schools."