Football Hall of Fame 2013: "Greatest Day of My Life" Says Player

Former NFL coach Bill Parcells appeared to speak for many when he referred to the "kinship" within the NFL.

Pracells was one of seven who was inducted Saturday night into the football hall of fame. Joining his was Jonathan Ogden, Dave Robinson, Larry Allen, Bill Parcells, Curley Culp and Warren Sapp.

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"There's a kinship created that lasts for the rest of your life," Parcells said of the NFL as he accepted his hall of famer award. Parcells led the New York Giants twice and the New England Patriots once to the Super Bowl before coaching the New York Jets and eventually, the Dallas Cowboys. The former coach thanks everyone he had worked with within the NFL for their consistent support.

"Every organization I worked for supported me to the fullest," Parcells said. "Without that, you've got no shot."

A former player for the Philadelphia Eagles, Minnesota Vikings, and the Miami Dolphins- Cris Carter considered Saturday an unforgettable moment in time.

"I appreciate the process you have to go through to get to be a Hall of Famer," Carter said. "To be able to join these men on this stage in football heaven is the greatest day of my life."

Jonathan Ogden, the first player drafted by the Ravens after the franchise moved from Cleveland in 1999, was also presented an award. The man responsible for drafting Ogden, fellow Hall of Famer Ozzie Newsome who is now Baltimore's general manager, presented Ogden with his award.

"He is part of the foundation of this franchise, part of the reason we have two Super Bowl championships," Newsome said.

Reward comes after striving for perfection said Ogden, accepting his award.

"Talent isn't enough," Ogden he noted. "A lot of people have talent, they don't always live up to it. For me it is about maximizing, striving for perfection."

The awards ceremony was held in Canton, Ohio. Former Green Bay Packer player Dave Robinson summed up the feeling of the night.

"Now, I am immortalized," he said.