'Football Manager 2018' Gameplay News: Game to Feature Better Team Management, New Scouting Process to Reflect Real-Life Football

Facebook/FootballManagerA promotional image for "Football Manager 2018"

"Football Manager 2018" is coming out next month, and gamers could not be more excited about its release, especially since it is said to be even better than the previous versions.

Following the success of the 2017 installment, "Football Manager 2018" is set to bring more improvements to the game, including faster and cleaner user interface, more realistic visuals, and better team dynamics, which is said to be the biggest change that has come to the title so far.

It expands on how players work together as a team, which can affect how they perform on the field and how much support they will be able to give the user as the manager.

According to PC Gamer, the upcoming game was designed to become a better reflection of how scouting works in the actual game.

Compared to the previous installments, scouts will play a much bigger role in the scouting process in "Football Manager 2018. As the newly released preview on the new system teases, scouts will be able to adjust players' ratings while they learn more about each of them as the game progresses.

As confirmed by SEGA, "Football Manager 2018" is coming to PC, Mac, and Linux systems on Nov. 10. On the same day, "Football Manager Mobile 2018" and "Football Manager Touch 2018" will also be launched. This marks the first time ever that all three versions of the game are released simultaneously.

More details about the highly anticipated installment will be released in the following weeks, so fans are encouraged to be patient.

However, for those who cannot wait for the Nov. 10 release, there is a way to be able to play the game early. According to Telegraph, customers who pre-order the "Football Manager 2018" through the Football Manager website will gain access to the game's Public Beta.

It is said to go live a couple of weeks before the official launch. And while the exact date has not yet been confirmed, it will likely fall on Oct. 27.