'For Honor': Was Patch 1.05 Enough to Bring Back Players?

Ubisoft Entertainment's hack-and-slash title "For Honor" has been having a turbulent year which started with much acclaim but drastically dropped to one of the most hated games. With the latest patch believed to fix some problems launched, was it enough to draw back in the swarms of players?

(Photo: Ubisoft)Promotional banner for the new Ubisoft fighting game "For Honor."

Looking at statistics provided by Githyp, it looks like the number barely moved, unfortunately. As of April 20, the player count is just coasting around a mere 2,000 to 3,000 players per hour, which is a very dismal number compared to its highest record of over 55 thousand in Feb. 11.

What could have caused this lack of traction? Perhaps the biggest culprit to the players' outrage over the game is the bad connection that remains unfixed. A lot of players are airing their angst about the faulty servers, causing players to be kicked out. Considering the game's call to fame is the multiplayer mode, this problem is causing a huge problem.

The same issue is also one of the main complaints of Steam players, causing the game to receive mostly negative reviews. Coupled with what they comment as the worst matchmaking in which newbies are pitted against "For Honor" veterans, almost nothing is going the player's way.

As far as what the version 1.05 patch is concerned, the biggest hope of creating a fix may have been the proposition on creating more chances to acquire in-game currencies known as Steel. The lack of methods to earn the said currency without shelling out real-life money was where all the players' dismay started.

Prior the patch, an unannounced maintenance also increased the percentage of Steel acquisition in hopes of appeasing the community's anger. After all is said and done, apparently that's not the only pressing issue that needs addressing.

Will "For Honor" get back on its feet again? That will be something to see.