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For KING & COUNTRY Singer Shares Heartfelt Lesson He Learned After Death of Wife's Grandma

For KING & COUNTRY Singer Shares Heartfelt Lesson He Learned After Death of Wife's Grandma

One-half of for KING & COUNTRY shared a valuable lesson he learned from a recent family death.

Joel Smallbone took to Instagram with a video on Wednesday, which showed him sitting hospital bedside of his wife's grandmother who can be seen faintly breathing. In the video, Smallbone is heard singing the Christian hymn "It Is Well" over his beloved in-law.

"Eva (Nana) Peters passed away at 6 this morning with family close and a novella on the TV.. Over the last few days I've heard many stories of her life and it's powerful to hear of the heroic woman she was. She'd overcome severe hardships, from losing her mum at 5 years old, to extreme poverty, to abusive family members, and yet still carried a dignity and kindness, as well as raised five strong children, one of them being my wife's dad ... As an Australian who married into a Hispanic family, I've been honored to witness the profound way they cherish and sacrifice the elderly members of the family," Smallbone reflected.

"I'm committed to carrying this rich love and tradition into my own family. I invite you to do the same ... If you could say a prayer for Moriah and family, particularly my father-in-law, I'd be grateful."

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Smallbone's wife, Moriah, also celebrated her father's mother online. The singer posted photos of her "nana" dressed up as a young lady.

"Celebrating the woman who raised the greatest man I know," Peters wrote on Instagram. "#Nana was beautifully resilient—I'm proud to carry on her legacy alongside my family. We stand on the shoulders of giants."

Moriah and Smallbone were married in 2013 and now married for about five years, the couple remain to be an inspiration to others because of their stance on purity. The for KING & COUNTRY member and the "Because of Gracia" actress did not share a kiss until their wedding day.

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