Forehead Nose? Man Grows Nose on His Forehead After Crash (VIDEO, PHOTO)

Medics are growing a nose on a man's forehead in China, after his real nose was damaged irreparably following a car accident.

(Photo: YouTube Screen Shot)A man's forehead has been the place where China medics chose to grow a replacement nose for him.

Medics plan to give the 22 year old man a nose transplant with a nose grown on his own forehead, after his own nose suffered severe nasal trauma following a car accident last year.

The 22-year-old man, nicknamed "Xiaolian" was severely injured in the accident that took place in August 2012, but only opted to receive basic medical treatment rather than plastic surgery for his injuries.

However, his decision to opt out on plastic surgery did not fare well, as he developed an infection, prompting his nasal cartilage to corrode away.

Nasal reconstruction then was no longer an option, and surgeons fostered the plan to grow a nose on his forehead.

The nose is being grown by placing a skin tissue expander under the patient's forehead skin, and cutting it into the shape of a nose. They used cartilage taken from his ribs in setting up the new nose.

According to reports, the nose has been growing for nine months and surgeons say that it is now ready to be transplanted onto the place where his nose should be.

"We have gone through the hardest step and now it is not difficult to carry out transplant surgery," said Guo Zhihui, Director of Plastic Surgery Department of Xiehe Hospital affiliated with Fujian Medical University. "We have gone through the hardest step and now it is not difficult to carry out transplant surgery."

Xiaolian is expected to return to normal life after the transplant surgery is completed.

Here is a video showing footage of the man with the new nose on his forehead: