Forever Jones Creating 'Musical Revival'

Forever Jones took the Christian music world by storm when the group released worship hit "He Wants It All," from debut album Get Ready. They are now back with a new project that is sure to cause a "musical revival!"

The family group of seven, DeWitt (keyboardist/father), Kim (vocalist/mother), Mya (vocalist), Judah (drums) Dewitt IV (bass), Dominique (guitarist/ keyboardist/ vocalist), and D'Jeniele (guitarist/ vocalist), have returned with its newest project Musical Revival.

The new album is noticeably different from Get Ready in its musical perception.

"It's more useful, I think, than the other one," said Dominique, the family's second oldest daughter.

Already striking a chord with their new single "Every Moment," the album shows growth, from the already high bar that was left from Get Ready. Musically and vocally, the group has taken its music to another level.

"We're so excited about Musical Revival, the album, because the kids have evolved into great lyricists and great musicians. Man, I'm excited to play this music," said Dewitt, the father of the group.

"I really am. I'm excited to play this music and the only thing that I really want, is I really want the Lord, the presence of the Creator, to just channel – we wanna channel His presence, His love to people."