Former Drug Addict Converts School Bus Into a Traveling Ministry

The Gospel ... on wheels? "Rolling" from state to state, 53-year-old Cas Sowinski is taking the message of the Gospel and spreading it throughout the country in his RV converted school bus.

His mission is simple and clear: "to share the love of Jesus with a lost and dying world," a love that he learned about 33 years ago when he first became a Christian.

Though his bus evangelism ministry didn't begin until early 2011 when he started his journey from Los Angeles, Calif. – since traveling more than 20 states – the retired fireman has been teaching people about God since 2006 using a variety of other vehicles to preach, including a motorcycle, truck and scooter.

Sowinski, a former drug addict who used to sell to teenagers (33 years clean due to his faith) now sells "Jesus Loves You" shirts during his travels, giving away more than a thousand Bibles as well.

"I don't sell many shirts," he told Arbiter Online. "They don't fund my travel at all. It's from my own money and some money from family and friends."

Donations from strangers have also helped sustain Sowinski's travels. Though the money has been tight at times, he's never missed a meal.

"God has taken care of us," he revealed, speaking for him and his companion Heygirl – a tan and black service dog. "I'm grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to tell people how easy it is to get saved. It's great watching people invite Jesus into their hearts."

"Getting saved is not hard," Sowinski wrote on his Facebook page. "Not for us that is. Jesus did all the hard part. He chose to become a man...lay down his a sinless perfect life...suffer and die. He rose from the dead never to die again, conquering death. He did it all."

Sowinski did not return requests for comments when contacted by The Christian Post.

Since the start of his ministry, tens of thousands have read his "Jesus Loves You" signs, boldly and brightly painted on his bus and on his own arms in several different languages, while others have personally listened to his testimony.

"As soon as I put 'Jesus Loves You' on the right side of the bus...people freaked out," he recalled. "People would get angry and honk at me, but other people would want me to pull off the freeway so they could take pictures. It's crazy."

His at times chaotic and at times peaceful travels have allowed him to distribute more than 70,000 Gospel flyers to those he met on the road.

Though many have seen his bus and read his flyers, only 26 people have prayed with him to receive Jesus Christ.

"I know that's not a huge number, but it is still encouraging to me," Sowinski told

He and Heygirl just recently passed through Florida, stopping by Destin, Walton and Panama City Beach.

His goal for now is to drive up the East Coast and head all the way to Maine before he comes back west toward home.

In addition to evangelizing and speaking to people about Christ, Sowinski ministers to married couples as well. He also sells reflective bumper stickers, washes windows, creates custom Christian vehicle lettering, and advertises.

To learn more about his ministry, visit his Jesus Loves You website here.