Former Egytian Minister of Culture Labels Cathedral Attacks Crime of the Regime

Egypt's former Minister of Culture, Dr. Emad Abu Ghazi, described the unprovoked attacks on the cathedral in Egypt on Sunday as "a crime by the regime," adding that he cannot understand the reason for the attacks.

"There is a group seeking to destroy Egypt and all its symbols, but Egyptians will not allow it to do that," Abu Ghazi told MCN.

Asked whether these attacks were a message to the church and Coptic Christians in order to intimidate those attacked and prevent social and political engagement, Abu Ghazi insisted Egyptians today will not respond to such tactics.

"The current regime cannot understand that the barrier of fear has been broken, and that Egyptians will not return to where they once were," he said.

Abu Ghazi, who participated in the march of solidarity to the cathedral on Tuesday, said the march reflects an apology by all of Egypt for the attacks against the cathedral just as all of Egypt apologized for the attacks against Al-Azhar.