Former Hot Boy Rapper Says Lil Wayne Comments Taken Out of Context

Turk, a New Orleans rapper who was once a part of the rap group "Hot Boys" with rapper Lil Wayne, recently clarified some statements that he made concerning the Young Money Records CEO.

While Turk made headlines for reportedly insinuating that rapper Dwayne Carter might be influenced by drugs, the former is denying that he publicly questioned Lil Wayne's drug use.

"My words were taken out of context, I was never speaking on anyone, It was about me," Turk told recently.

Turk's comments come soon after he made headlines for allegedly saying Lil Wayne has changed since their childhood days and that drugs may be the issue.

"The only thing I can say on that situation is when you under the influence of anything that's altering your mind, anything out loud will come out your mouth. ... It's those drugs that's overpowering you, it's those spirits overpowering you," Turk allegedly said, according to "Wayne (is) like a little brother to me and I know that's not Wayne. When I see certain pictures of him, I know that's not Wayne."

Still, the reports said Turk admitted that he was no longer close to Lil Wayne to know exactly what is taking place in his life.

"When I see Wayne, I see the Lil Wayne when we used to be in the Holiday Inn doing things together, battling in the studio -- that's the Wayne I see," Turk said, according to "... I'd rather not talk about the Wayne that's happening today because I don't know that Wayne. I can't speak on that Wayne. I was gone the whole time."

Last year, Turk was released from prison where he was forced to serve a nine year sentence stemming from an attempted murder and possession of a firearm. As soon as the rapper was released from prison, he decided to spend some time in church.