Former Muslim Brotherhood Leader Claims Political Party Provides Cover, Support to Extremists

Khaled El-Zaafarani, a former Muslim Brotherhood leader, has revealed that the political party provides cover and support to extremist sympathysers, adding that they have no business in the country.

Zaafarani descrbed the repeated attacks on Christian Copts as "a despicable crime that has nothing to do with religion. The perpetrators will be judged guilty before God."

"The Muslim Brotherhood provides political cover to terrorist and takfirist groups in Kerdasa and Delga," he added. This, however, is a phenomenon that has existed throughout the Islamist era where extremists murdered Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

During his interview with Mideast Christian News, Zaafarani stated that "extremists have no place in Egypt, and the law must be applied against all those who carried out crimes against the nation."

The former Muslim Brotherhood leader praised Pope Tawadros II's statement in which he said the "burned churches are a sacrifice so that no Egyptian's blood will be shed," insisting that the violence against Christian Copts can be used to unite Egyptians against any further violence.

"The MB is committing political suicide in their war against the Egyptian people," Zafarani commented. "It will be difficult to allow them to exercise any political activity in the future."

He concluded, "As for salafists, they're free to believe in their ideologies without imposing them on others, and they must learn to be more flexible if they are to coexist."