'Fortnite Battle Royale' News: Upcoming Map Update Set to Introduce More Points of Interest

Map update will also better define the map's different biomes
Facebook courtesy of FortniteA new map update is coming soon to 'Fortnite Battle Royale'

A new update is coming very soon to "Fortnite Battle Royale," and this one is focused primarily on improving the game's map.

Lead systems designer Eric Williamson talked about the main features of the upcoming update in a new developer video, revealing that additional points of interest were among the features set to be introduced.

A new point of interest known simply as City will be introduced, and the west side of the map is about to become more populated due to the upcoming influx of more named areas.

Williamson also shared that certain areas of the map are about to become more clearly defined once the new update is applied.

To be more specific, the update is going to make the areas known as biomes more unique. Once the update has been installed, players can expect to see a map with a little more personality, with specific areas that really manage to stand out from one another as opposed to blending into one large landmass.

Looking further down the line, Williamson mentioned that there was a chance that more event-specific areas and treasure chests would be featured in "Fortnite Battle Royale."

The map-focused update is expected to arrive soon.

In related news, developers also recently introduced a new feature that can be used by PC players who are also NVIDIA owners.

The new feature is known as the NVIDIA ShadowPlay Highlights, and with it, certain plays will be automatically saved depending on a player's preference.

Players will also be able to quickly access these saved highlights once the match has ended.

The NVIDIA ShadowPlay Highlights feature is accessible to those PC players who own a GeForce GTX 650 graphics card or something more advanced.

More news about any other features that may be added to "Fortnite Battle Royale" should be made available in the near future.