'Fortnite' News: Epic Games Revises Future Cotent Map in Light of Recent Issues

Epic Games"Fortnite" continues to grow at an alarming rate, and the developers are getting ready to scale appropriately.

"Fortnite" has quickly become one of the fastest growing games over the past few months. Now that may sound great on paper, but it can also lead to a game's downfall if they cannot accommodate the growing number of players, which is why Epic Games, in their continued act of transparency, has revealed some changes in their plans for "Fortnite" now that it is clear that, if they do nothing, it will grow out of control.

Officially billed as the State of Development V4, the new blog post by the "Fortnite" team talks about some of the issues they have faced over the past few weeks with the game's sudden spike in growth and acknowledges that many of these problems are "unacceptable" and will take top priority for now.

"We have changed our release plans & processes to help improve quality of client builds, and scrambled people to make traction on backend scalability by any means possible," they wrote.

One of the first things they talk about is improving load times to bring people into action as fast as possible. They want to decrease the amount of time players spend in lobbies before they actually get a chance to really play.

They have also announced their plans to release a 60 frames per second (fps) functionality for "Battle Royale" on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One, and Xbox One X. This 60-fps mode will be fine-tuned for each system in order to maximize performance without sacrificing too much visual fidelity.

Finally, they have added more servers for the West Coast and have plans to add Brazilian servers for the Xbox copy of the game. They hope that by doing so, players will have better connections and have an overall better experience with their game.

It was not that long ago that "Fornite" reached a peak player count of over three million which also caused major server issues during that same weekend as the number of people triggered several server outages. It is because of this incident that the developers have decided to work on scaling their game for even higher load as it seems that "Fortnite" is just set to keep growing and they want to avoid more issues such as this in the future.