Four Tips for Making a Viral Video That Can Make You Money

Viral videos and YouTube are synonymous with pop culture, and now these videos have become a source of extra income for some of these "YouTube Celebrities."

Viral videos have become a huge part of everyone's daily lives, and while the viewer doesn't necessarily know the person in the video, the viewer knows of it and can pass it on to a friend.

YouTube gave the world a chance for a nobody to be a somebody, and become a household name for the world to see.

Many talents have been discovered on YouTube as well most notably– Soulja Boy through his eccentric videos, Odd Future, and even youngsters like Greyson Chance, whose Lady Gaga cover has been viewed well over a million times and resulted in a record deal from Ellen DeGeneres.

Other YouTube stars like, Rebecca Black, aren't so lucky. Her song "Friday" received the most dislikes of all time on YouTube, and she became the subject of bullying, abuse, and even death threats as she made what's commonly known as the worst song of all time.

However, there are a few tips in making a viral video, and although not guaranteed, it's a step in the right direction.

Top Four Ways to Make a Viral Video

1. The Video
Make your video titles and description specific and catchy, so the video is easy to find and remember said Kevin Allocca, manager of YouTube Trends.

He goes on to explain that anything with babies, old people, and animals do extremely well, especially if it's funny or cute.

He said another key element of making a viral video is to just make a great video, and not try to make it something big. It's not as easy as it looks. "Make really good content," he said. "That's the one nobody wants to hear, but it's the truth."

2. Get Paid
YouTube will personally contact the uploader if they feel the video is going to go viral. Google owns YouTube, and will want to advertise on and around the video splitting half of the profits with you sending a monthly check.

The creator of "David After Dentist" has made $100,000 so far off of a viral video of his son acting silly after going to the dentist and being under slight anesthesia still according to several interviews.

3. Television Appearance
If the viral video maker is lucky enough to get on TV, that appearance will drastically spike views. According to The New York Times, waiting for TV producers to come to the maker works better than going to the producers themselves.

4. Merchandise
Lastly another important aspect is making merchandise. In "David After Dentist" the boy asks his dad, "Is this real life?" David's father then launched a website where a viewer can purchase t-shirts and stickers with the phrase on it.

The Christian Post asked readers to submit what their favorite viral videos were:

Benny Rose, drummer of rock band Ghosts of Eden, said, "Right now for me it's a toss-up between epic rap battles of history, and Kid with Batman costume!"

Rich Canci, vocalist of When All Else Fails, said, "Grape Lady Falls!"

Rich Schnur, concert promoter, said, "This is my vote for the best viral video."

What's your favorite viral video?