Fox Anchor Caught Dancing to Beyonce (VIDEO)

A California news anchor has caught attention from many of her viewers, but not for reading the news. Instead, the newsreader was caught dancing while she didn't think that cameras were watching.

Tia Ewing added a spin to California's Fox News 40, although it was not her intention. Responsible for working the overnight shift, Ewing appeared to have plenty of energy Wednesday night going into Thursday morning. So much energy, in fact, that during a 4 a.m. commercial break, the anchor decided to break out into a dance.

To the tune of Beyonce's "Single Ladies," Ewing began to dance on set, believing that she was off camera. But her colleagues, who were presumably bemused by Ewing's energy, decided to film her dance. The video reveals Ewing showing off some of her finest moves and flashing her ring before realizing that she is on camera. The video ends when a producer waves his arm across the camera to caution that the commercial break is about to be over.

"I gotta get it where I can get it," she told her co-workers in a later, on-air segment. "I just didn't know the camera was rolling."

Despite the possible embarrassment, Ewing was not ashamed of her dance and even went as far as to say that it was one way to cheat happiness.

"There are short-cuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them," she wrote later on her Twitter account, quoting Austrian writer Vicki Baum.

Ewing did, however, add hopes that the video, which was uploaded onto YouTube, would not go viral. But that was hardly the case- within eight hours of it being uploaded, the video had already gotten over 100,000 hits, according to Daily Mail.

So how good of a dancer was Ewing? Not bad, according to one of her collegues, who joked, "she got moves."