Fox Mole Book Deal Gets Joe Muto 'Low Six-Figure' Sum

The "Fox mole" book deal means that former Fox associate producer Joe Muto's time has come: he will be writing a tell-all book about his time at the conservative network and- hopefully- his firing, once he was discovered writing anonymous stories for the website

The Fox mole book deal was made known by a press release, which informed the public that the book, titled "An Athiest in the Foxhole," is coming in early 2013.

"AN ATHEIST IN THE FOXHOLE describes how Muto, an NPR-listening, Obama-loving liberal, took a job at Fox News expecting he'd only stay for a few months. But eight years later he was still there, working as a producer for Bill O'Reilly, a man with 'fair and balanced' views that made Muto cringe on a daily basis," reads the release.

Joe Muto will receive a sum somewhere in the "low six-figure" range for his efforts, according to Gawker.

The controversy first began when Muto, under the guise of the Fox mole, started blogging about his time at Fox News. He mentioned celebrity news anchors by name, like Bill O' Reilly, Sean Hannity, including nonsensical things like O' Reilly's bathroom habits.

More embarrassing was the then-unnamed mole's video of Romney's pre-interview banter with Hannity, where he discussed his love of horseback riding- a tidbit that could make him looked out of touch to some voters.

"Remember this video next time Romney attacks Obama for golfing. The inherent elitism and snootiness of golf is NOTHING compared to competitive horseback riding," Muto wrote, addressing the video he posted.

Not long after Fox discovered Gawker's mole, they found and fired him. The network stated that they would be taking criminal and civil action against Muto, and the District Attorney's office filed a search warrant against him as well.

"I just got search warranted at 6:30am by a very polite crew from the DA's office. Took my iPhone, laptop, some old notebooks," Muto tweeted.

Fox News has accused Muto of larceny and computer tampering.