Frank Ocean Reveals Why He Won't Press Charges Against Chris Brown

Frank Ocean will not press charges against fellow singer Chris Brown and decided to explain his reasoning for coming to the decision. The pair previously engaged in a physical scuffle that warranted an investigation from authorities.

Ocean, 25, and Brown, 23, reportedly engaged in a physical altercation outside of a West Hollywood, Calif. recording studio on Jan 27. Witnesses said Brown started the dispute when he punched Ocean over a parking space, according to Los Angeles County Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore.

While numerous reports claimed Ocean wanted to press charges against Brown, the former took to his Tumblr account to let fans know that he decided against doing so.

"As a child I thought if someone jumped me it would result in me murdering or mutilating a man," Ocean wrote on his Tumblr page Saturday. "But as a man I am not a killer. I'm an artist and a modern person. I'll choose sanity. No criminal charges. No civil lawsuit."

Although some questioned whether Brown could potentially face jail time- he was on probation stemming from a domestic dispute with Rihanna in 2009- sources close to the singer allegedly told that this was never a real concern.

"Chris was never worried about anything going down or having to go to jail over what was a misunderstanding. He was never worried and there's always two sides to every story. Just because Frank stayed there and talked to police doesn't mean anything. It's all good," an alleged source reportedly told

"It is what it is. It was a misunderstanding and Chris respects Frank and all. This was some petty (expletive) that was blown out of whack in the media. Everything that you think you heard didn't even happen and Chris and Frank know that. That's why Frank just let it go," the insider said.