Frank Ocean's Revealing Letter About Bisexuality Sparks 'God' Debate

Frank Ocean, 24-year old rising R&B star, has revealed his bisexuality to the world just in time for Independence Day, leaving many people to spend their day off of work debating about God's attitudes concerning human sexuality.

In a letter posted to his Tumblr account, Ocean revealed that his first love was a male who had a girlfriend whom he was not willing to leave for the budding singer and songwriter.

"(Four) summers ago, I met somebody. I was 19 years old. He was too," the singer revealed in a handwritten letter posted on his Tumblr. "We spent that summer, and the summer after, together. By the time I realized I was in love, it was malignant. There was no negotiating the feeling."

Ocean said the man took three years to come clean about his feelings for the singer, who he claims also belongs to the controversial hip-hop collective Odd Future. While Ocean ends his letter thanking the people who supported him during the emotional relationship, he begins by admitting that he begged God for mercy and peace in his situation.

"In the last year or three I've screamed at my creator. Screamed at clouds in the sky," Ocean wrote. "For some explanation. Mercy Maybe. For peace of mind to rain like Manna Somehow."

The topic of God and Ocean's bisexuality carried over to Twitter on Independence Day. One person thought Ocean's ability to speak about his spiritual side proved his talent.

"Frank Ocean is talking about his relationship with God in that letter," the person tweeted. "He's more talented a writer than I thought."

However, another person chose to highlight Ocean's lyrics in his joint collaboration with rappers Jay-Z and Kanye West," No Church in The Wild."

"Human beings in a mob, what's a mob to a king. What's a king to a God, what's a God to an unbeliever who doesn't believe in anything," the person tweeted.

Still, others chose to delve deeper into the topic and suggested looking to the love of God in the situation.

"I'm very proud of Frank Ocean for being Honest," another person tweeted. "Love is love and God is love so stop judging folks!"

However, another commenter addressed Ocean's insinuation that he did not have a choice in his bisexual preference.

"You did have a choice Frank Ocean and you made your choice," the woman tweeted. "To say you don't have a choice is saying my God is a liar. But you're a non-believer so..."

While the debate surrounding Ocean and his bisexuality will most likely rage on well past Independence Day, the singer is preparing for the July 17 release of his debut album, "Channel Orange."