Frankie Valens A Pastor: Former Pop Singer Takes the Pulpit

Frankie Valens has transitioned from his from his career as a pop singer into becoming a pastor at a local church in Kansas.

The "Lion Sleeps Tonight" singer went for a career switch about a month ago, becoming the pastor of First Christian Church in Syracuse. Valens' father was a pastor at the same church during 1978 and 1979.

Valens has become more involved in his faith since his recording career ended. The bulk of Valens recording career was during the 1950s and 1960s. His last song recorded was "She Cried" before his career slowly came to an end following a disagreement with the band manager.

Around 1972, with his career and first marriage behind him, Valens moved to Colorado and began attending church, he wrote on his personal website. The new church is where he met his current wife, Phyllis, who became the director of the church choir.

A year after marrying, the couple began to tour again and toured for the next seven years before returning to help with church music programs. Since, both Valens and his wife have recorded several gospel songs.

After returning to the road and performing at numerous locations, the couple decided to retire from the music business altogether. Now 70 years old, Valens has taken his position at the pulpit.

"The 70-year-old Valens says he's never preached from a pulpit but that he says he's been testifying about his faith for years, so he is ready for the new challenge," an Associated Press report stated.