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Fred Hammond Stars in JD Lawrence's Revamped 'Cain & Able'

Fred Hammond Stars in JD Lawrence's Revamped 'Cain & Able'

Fred Hammond's album "I Will Trust" is in stores now. | Photo: RCA Inspiration

Fred Hammond is teaming up with playwright JD Lawrence to officially debut the latter's new stage play, "Cain & Able" which will grace Dallas, Texas theaters next month.

With numerous Stellar, Dove, and Grammy Awards, Hammond,54, has proven his worth in the gospel music industry. After 30 years, Hammond recently released his latest album, "I Will Trust" last November and is beginning the new year by releasing another type of production.

JD Lawrence's "Cain & Able" is a modern re-telling of the biblical story of brothers Cain and Abel found in the book of Genesis. Lawrence's play tells the story of a wealthy business developer who leaves his two sons a fortune.

When Cain, played by Lawrence, gets jealous that his brother is left power of attorney over his family's estate, he resorts to sinful behavior and stops at nothing to go after what he wants, according to The show's music and lyrics are written by both Hammond and Lawrence, while The New York Times acclaimed playwright and thespian Lawrence serves as the play's writer, director and creator.

Hammond took to his Twitter and Facebook page to promote the upcoming show that will take place at the Bishop Arts Theater Feb. 5, 6, and 8.

"Family in the DFW area. I along with ‪@KingOfDramedy‬ will be previewing our play Cain & Able for some national promoters," Hammond wrote on his social media pages. "Come hang with us."

Hammond spoke to The Christian Post about the endeavour last November. After watching Christians and people in the world alike flock to reality television programming, Hammond is finding a way to stay in his own lane while fulfilling what he believes people want to see.

"I think people really want to see the real because the world is portrayed at such a low level that if you come out with a real wholesome show people don't want to see that anymore. This is what's happening in most people's lives everyday fussing, cussing, fighting and back biting," he told CP. "The Bible is a novel that's has murder, it has victory it has mayhem, it has disaster, it has war, sanctification,it has it. So if God made that, at a certain time people need to see it."

For that reason Hammond is working on plays, films and a novel to reflect some of that grittiness and reality. Hammond realizes there is a reason he is still on the job after so many years as a tried and true industry veteran.

"I really believe it's a calling and that's not just something to say that sounds great," Hammond told CP. "I believe I was born for this, to tell people about the Lord."

JD Lawrence's "Cain & Able" will be produced by Face to Face and Who's Laughing Now.
For more information or to buy tickets to "Cain & Able" please click .


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