Freddy E Suicide: Honey Cocaine Explains Why She is Not to Blame (VIDEO)

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(PHOTO) Twitter: @Freddy_EFreddy E reportedly committed suicide on Jan. 5

Seattle rapper Freddy E, real name Frederick Eugene Buhl, was found dead Jan. 5 in an apparent suicide and while fans have been quick to blame his rumored ex-girlfriend, rapper Honey Cocaine, the 20-year-old insists that she is not at fault.

Freddy, who was allegedly signed to rapper Tyga's record label, reportedly shot himself in the head and allegedly documented his suspected suicide on Twitter just minutes before.

In a statement his family expressed deep regret that Freddy "took his own life" and his good friend Honey Cocaine, real name Sochitta Sal, also spoke out regarding his tragic death, according to MTV.

"What they don't understand is that we were friends, we were just friends. Blogs are saying that I was his ex-girlfriend and he did what he did because of a failed relationship. That has nothing to do with anything. I need people to understand that it was just a friendship," Honey Cocaine told MTV News in an exclusive sit-down January 8.

"I just want people to know that we were just friends, and we did everything for each other as friends," she said.

Freddy, 22, appeared to be in great pain as his final tweets show. Fans of the up and coming rapper may have assumed that Honey Cocaine played a role in his suicide because he specifically tweeted about "heart break" and the pair was presumed to be romantically involved.

"I'm about to delete my twitter in a second...This day couldn't get any worse... I'm sorry.....Smoked my first pack of cigarettes today... been a long time since I've gone through heart break. It's a cold unforgiving world if I do say," Freddy wrote in a series of tweets shortly before allegedly taking his own life.

"If there's a God then He's calling me back home. This barrel never felt so good next to my dome. It's cold & I'd rather die than live alone. ..It's... all... bad... y'all. *puts finger around trigger* ...God... please forgive me," he had also tweeted.

Freddy's family expressed their sadness in a statement posted on social networking site Facebook and asked fans for "prayers."

"Our family is saddened beyond words; our loss is great; this tragedy is enormous and unforseen," Freddy E's father Frederick Douglass Buhl, wrote on his Facebook page on Jan. 5.

"Not only our family, but the world has lost a talented, sensitive, brilliant young man who lit up our existence with his. We love him a great deal, and he will be sorely missed. We pray that God will now watch over him, and we ask all of you to include Frederick and our entire family in your thoughts and prayers," the statement read.

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