Free Android Apps August 2014: New Top Free Play Store Apps

Wikimedia Commons/Image

The Android OS and phone experience wouldn't be complete without the apps at the Google Play Store. Then there are two classifications of apps, those that you need to pay for, and those that are free to download. Free apps are more popular for obvious reasons.

It's important to take note however, that not all free apps are good apps. For those who like to download apps, it is important to have a keen eye for apps that are actually good.

Most apps are free, like the Facebook app, or the Instagram app, and even the Skype app. These kinds of apps are more or less essential to the phone user's repertoire of needed apps for everyday functions. Then there are of course free games and other utilities that the user can download but not necessarily need.

Free apps that most people are already familiar with are games like Candy Crush Saga, or 4 Pics 1 Word, or Clash of Titans, or even Temple Run. These apps can be accessed on the phone's Google Play Store or on a computer where the device is synced.

Currently, games that take the lead as top free apps are, "Don't Tap The White Tile," "Toilet and Bathroom," "Bunny Run," and "Follow the Line."

For those who download their apps through the PC and then just sync their devices from there, the Google Play Store link is here.

Of course, some of these free games have a few catches. Not everything in the game might be free; upgrades for example or boosters that help the user progress through the game. In-game currency also has to be bought with real money.

Most other game apps have no catches though, and are simply made for the entertainment of the users.