French Fry Burger is $1 at Burger King Next Month

Burger King is introducing a brand new burger containing French fries called the "French Fry Burger" for just one dollar.

The fast food chain announced the French Fry Burger on Tuesday, much to Burger King fans' elation.

Instead of a regular burger complete with lettuce, tomato, pickle and beef patty, the French Fry Burger will include four French fries within the sesame hamburger bun, according to the Associated Press.

Fortunately for Burger King, the French Fry Burger does not require the restaurant to outsource any additional ingredients, as the dish uses BK's own French fries. The new menu item will be available on Sept. 1.

Although the new burger contains 360 calories and 19 grams of fat, the one-dollar offering is said to rival the Dollar Menu found at BK's main competition, McDonald's.

Meanwhile, Burger King is not the only national chain rolling out different options for customers to choose from in order to meet today's varying demands.

For example, Dunkin Donuts announced that it would be offering gluten-free baked goods nationwide this year.

Celiac disease, a condition that damages the lining of the small intestine due to a reaction to gluten, is affecting more people than ever today.

With the number of people with celiac disease on the rise, food vendors have had to make drastic changes to their products, and Dunkin Donuts is no exception.

Furthermore, many customers are demanding "natural" as well as gluten-free food offerings, and Dunkin Donuts is not the only chain to revamp their menu.

McDonald's recently expanded their food offerings to include healthier choices in order to meet today's trends, and added items such as salads, wraps and smoothies.

Alternately, Taco Bell is reportedly expanding its fast food offerings to include breakfast, and the chain may continue to experiment with tacos made out of waffles.

The waffle taco consists of an upturned, curved waffle filled with scrambled eggs and sausage. It is served with a side of syrup.

Earlier this year, the international food chain offered the waffle taco at five Taco Bells in Southern California where they quickly became top-selling items. Consequently, the waffle taco is coming to 100 more Taco Bells across the U.S., according to the Associated Press.