Fritanga Arrest Puts Dangerous Drug Cartel Leader in Police Custody (VIDEO)

A notable drug dealer from Colombia was arrested by local police during his lavish wedding that reportedly cost more than $1 million.

Camilo Torres, widely known as Fritanga, was arrested just moments after getting married to his model fiancée on an island in the Caribbean on Sunday, according to the BBC.

Police stated that Fritanga is a high ranking member of a violent drug cartel known as the Urabenos gang, which is comprised of former paramilitaries who are responsible for controlling most of the drug trade and arms trafficking in northern Colombia.

Colombian authorities explained that they were able to surprise Fritanga on the Caribbean island of Mucura just after the marriage ceremony had ended and right before he was to host the reception for 150 of his guests, which included prominent entertainers and high-profile soap-opera stars.

A video released by the police shows Fritanga's wife pleading and crying with police as her new husband is led away in handcuffs.

Police are also heard telling guests to stay face down on the floor while the arrest is made.

But there is another aspect of this story. Official documents state that Torres is deceased. His death certificate is listed as stating that he had died of natural causes in the capital of Bogota back in December 2010.

Police are also currently investigating the notary who issued the death certificate for Torres.

The Urabenos gang has a history of violence and intimidation. Earlier this year, they offered a cash reward for any police officer killed after the leader of the notorious gang, Juan de Dios Usuga, was arrested.

The president of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, has made fighting the Urabenos gang and other drug cartels a top priority of his government.

A U.S. court has already asked for Torres to be extradited on related drugs charges.